Immune Infusion IV


The Immune Infusion is a combination of Zinc 5 mg and Vitamin C 5000 mg. Both of these together are a powerful antioxidant combination to support the Immune system. The IV form allows for full absorption and saturation of the cells.

Time: 15 min

No consult needed

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Benefits of C and Zinc:

  • Zinc helps to restore balance to the hormonal system. Important for the regulation and production of most of the hormones in our bodies including insulin. Enhances fertility and sexual function.
  • Both C and Zinc both function essential antioxidants to help protect the body from oxidation (a process which leads to degradation of our tissues and organs) fostered by lifestyle choices, pollution and other toxins which can lead to development of oxidation related diseases like cancer.
  • Both C and Zinc enhance immunity useful in helping to fight off colds (and decrease the duration of symptoms) and other illness due to viruses, bacteria and fungus. They may even be able to help ward off a cold before it starts.
  • Enhanced cardiovascular health. Zinc is present in the layer of cells that coat our blood vessels strengthening it, thus preventing weakness and potential for rupture.
  • Digestive health: zinc ensures proper protein absorption and and helps synthesize protein from the amino acids we take in from our meals.
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Promote wound healing

How its given:

Our Immune support is given as a rapid infusion in a 100 cc bag of normal saline. Many clients come to us if they have been exposed to illness or are recovering from illness.