Venofer (Iron Sucrose) IV


Venofer is an IV form of Iron Sucrose given to support the bone marrow in building healthy new red blood cells and providing oxygen to your organs and tissues through hemoglobin (the iron and oxygen binding component of the red blood cell). If you are low on iron, raising your levels will treat anemia which may help prevent other issues.

Time: 1 hour

Requires physician consult


How is it given:

Given in IV form 100 mg mixed in 250cc bag of Normal Saline over a period of 45 min to 1 hour. Depending on iron level and related iron deficiency anemia, it is recommended that you receive 3-4 doses given weekly before having bloodwork rechecked 3 weeks after the last dose.

Side Effects:

  • Diarrhea and stomach upset (not as significant as with an oral iron dose)
  • Headache, muscle, back and joint pain can be alleviated or prevented by drinking plenty of fluids
  • Injection site reactions and potential injection site discoloration
  • Dizziness or low Blood Pressure
  • Swelling in lower extremities

*Most infusion reactions can be ameliorated by drinking plenty of fluids and slowing the infusion rate. Anaphylactic reactions are rare.