Vitamin D Shot


Vitamin D is a critical nutrient for bone and immune health. It is also helpful in proper neurotransmitter production. It is primarily made when our skin comes in contact with the sun. However, most people are deficient with living in northern latitudes. This is a fat soluble vitamin which can be difficult to absorb. The shots contain 200,000 IU or 5000 mcg of Vitamin D.

No consult needed



  • Support Bone Health and reduce risk of osteoporosis
  • Calcium Regulation
  • Neurotransmitter and mood support
  • Immune support, including autoimmune diseases and cancer
  • Hormone Support
  • Metabolic Support

How it is Given:

Before getting a vitamin d shot, it is important to check your 25-hydroxy Vitamin D level. The shots would be given weekly and then you would need to repeat lab work to determine your vitamin d status. Generally the shots are given in a series of 4 before retesting levels.